Sunday, July 7, 2013

Beyond Two Souls

This article is very about not having their own double-sided inside me. Ultimately, Quantic Dream is one of my most favorite creative studios. In recent years, even though in fact Heavy Rain popularized the names undoubtedly not the only jobs in the Heavy Rain.

Quantic Dream, each of the "work of art" can be considered games of the most recent, Two Souls that are Beyond the ring: before writing it, this process of how to make this QD how by their jobs earlier to find much more, I think it is a good idea. Omikron: The Nomad Soul in 1999 with Quantic Dream, resulting in the game uses David Bowie music and drew attention to itself. Then never uncover Quark project in order to strengthen the running elapsed time runs and principal QD legend will begin to work on the Fahrenheit. A first of its kind really degrees Fahrenheit. Taekwondo classes in Heavy Rain is said to "interactive storytelling" we see in the first use of the elements of Fahrenheit.

Heavy Rain is a pretty fantastic compared to the story, he separates the games another Fahrenheit property is moving more than one main character of the story. Lucas Kane, Carla Valenti, Tyler Miles and whether different decisions on the course of the story with Markus Kane. Naturally, most of the time at which the had been fairly high scores and a worldwide phenomenon. When you look at the unforgettable games in taekwondo classes between Indigo Prophecy (Fahrenheit) retained its leadership on this issue until the Heavy Rain.

Quantic Dream's Fahrenheit after 2006 was prepared for Heavy Rain and the spectacular technology it is important that all of us in the pursuit of gave the signal to how great things are. All authors of the period very very great expectations from the Heavy Rain that some advocates of the Dream, this time under Quantic. It was nice but it was good that they had parties, Fahrenheit to justify Heavy Rain onto a completely different concept with an entirely different technology, was done for the new generation of that period and once you gave the game completely and correctly the story change event of decisions to make in this way, the game was to be transformed into a cinematic experience into completely different. This was a quite challenging even for Quantic Dream.

2006 over 4 years have passed, Heavy Rain was released, sold more than 2 million around the world, people played soccer, but Heavy rain is important indicators about the sales figures, and the only thing similar to what people. Tell everyone about the game had a personal story. This is a breaking point in the concept of the video game, Fahrenheit with this break had finished with Heavy Rain, Quantic, starting; Now people alerted until Heavy Rain in emotionally.

I don't want to mention the story of Heavy Rain, because they have a separate story for everyone, and you do not have the possibility of a breakdown of it unfortunately, will experience it. If you still haven't played the owner of a PlayStation 3 and I've missed a lot would say with.

Heavy Rain on a breaking point I said, quite rightly I think, but if Heavy Rain Quantic Dream has a breaking point after going to play what would have happened? Everyone is waiting to do something again to a new generation of PlayStation 3 console to work in that Cage surely managed to excite the owners again; because such games would come just once every now and they had left a tracks such as gaps in the atomic bomb. I hope to fill the void left by Heavy Rain there has been enough time because in 2013, Quantic Dream's gorgeous cast members are about to eat than a final blow.