Sunday, November 13, 2011

F1 2011

This year one of the most important concern to us in connection with Formula 1 racing calendar in Turkey's development. On the topic was of course, even for this reason, İstanbul Park was passed to regulate the different organizations in action. Fortunately, the actual calendar may be ranked, Codemasters developed the licensed Formula 1 game F1 2011 İstanbul Park with many other important race. Let's now print!

The first step in career mode, the menu, check out the Grand Prix mode, and multiplayer options attracts our attention. Choosing the right career. Our name and select a team, our. Now we have someone who wants to do the interview with us asking questions looking for answers to some friends. We're getting the right way by giving appropriate answers to the first.

Formula 1 in 2011, she got the base calendar field, including 12 team and the İstanbul Park racing circuit. 19 The race comes to the screen before the rooms. Tools like our race calendar and laptop. is able to follow us out of that, you are able to follow the through the race calendar. After you have made the necessary choices, find ourselves in the garage before the race.

is doing this and how many?

We're in the car and the surrounding technical elements final care. At this time are still there, we can choose menus, the volume of motor. as we can so many detail of television spots. Of course they have a master-crafted versions according to the weather conditions also should practice track before the race., and then sort of tours and tours of the anti-war movement worldwide. This time no longer race after completing phase two.

According to the level of difficulty of the game increases the excitement of races as it is. If you play easy difficulty mode, waiting for a more arcade-style gameplay. Able to control your car more comfortable, you do not receive other cars or even to avoid damage. This is just the way you make difficult for. However, when you increase the difficulty level is changing also.

For example, if you play the most difficult level of the game gear at the right time to pay attention to the underside of taking hold, many elements of the other tools. Because the slightest contact with your vehicle could shatter and sometimes even out of the race.

Every path, every air

Let's take a look at some to stop Grand Prix career. In this mode, after selecting your pilot team and control in order to choose which you want to compete in the slopes. You are creating a sort of their own race calendar. You're bored, alone in the same console split screen can compete with a friend at. As a husband with your team to the Championship. Also in artificial intelligence tools and controlled a total of 24 players to real races is also available with the online tool.

Car cosmetics

F1 2011 in graphics in General liked. Runway designs modelled based on facts. Car modeling in General as well. A very nice visual effect consisting of especially in rainy weather. Either way, the advantage of this and that appears as on the wetness of successful reflection effects to delight in. Especially when the road while still rain and rapidly, with the car in front of the screen, and condensation effect to drop increasingly fine viewpoint.

I can say good things about sounds. Engine sounds are clean and impressive. I'm sure you're playing a good sound system is very great tips. Although a variety of music including the menu as well, playing many of the public. We may also pass and works on.

When entering the last plateau

F1 2011, especially Formula 1 for game lovers. Especially with a sense of competition with the fore you make races, as well as more tips provides you his. Rainy in terms of both races, as well as the contention that I would like to indicate in my attention more visuals. Good games.

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