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Since there are uncertainties in the world and the future of the predictions for more Years progresses. playing, as well as a past secret curtains. In each event, and humanity, as well as the world gives a new shape, a new direction. Apparently new events, humanity will continue to change as the world's date again with replacement.

in 2004, scientists, as the name of Apophis (exterminator) has identified a meteorite set dangerous. In the case of shock, this dangerous substance that can destroy the world, it is estimated that up to the sky from a distance will pass close to our world in 2029. There is also the risk of a little multiplication.

A topic of the paragraph mentioned above, it is entirely true. Rage is based, with relevance, Apophis is a story on the alternative function. What would you do to the world, Apophis? Disaster scenarios to produce a game from id Software is already flowering loves precisely, but this time in comparison with the previous games when it comes to the details of the scenario, as well as have distance.

Rage where output?

id Software, Doom 3, helping other projects after almost engages in social classes Studios. Before the Doom 3 Resurrection of Evil, to plug-in, Nerve, and then also as important titles respectively, Quake 4 and Wolfenstein Raven Software has delivered to. Maybe this is the quality of id, games. So so what to share when id?

Doom 3 is a survival after The Darkness's name, company, and developed action game Doom 3 to be very dark, which cancelled the project soon after due to the extreme. 6 million dollars was spent on this game but canceled news, and judging by how Carmack's a game that never. More than $ 18 million is very difficult, even fictional full-on the search for another after siphon, just before entering the id authorities an FPS game, work on the waiver in such a manner that Rage was found.


Rage, previous id Software games like aisle FPS is focused on at the same time, it will not be a game not to be the only FPS. RPG elements, thought to be for large maps, Rage, race elements, one of the most important. Calendars, June 11, 2007, the Apple's Developers Conference technology introduced Rage. The following August's Quakecon came in official announcement. Developed the first new id game since Quake of Rage, id Tech 5, and as of October 7 by taking the side of the Megatexture technology also replaced the shelves in Europe. It was a bit painful, but this output obviously worth!

In a world that does not belong to me, I was born again and alone

Acquainted with the world, and to push for measures from Apophis. There is no strong bunkers, prepared the human race is very important in order to prevent people freeze. Purpose, in the wake of the disaster and to multiply and then to live in the assessment of the first steps for a new human civilization. But things are not going to like the beginnings and guess. This Rage is beginning.

Welcome to the Wasteland

Yet, as dry and empty Wasteland. In fact, it may be blank when you look at, but it doesn't take long to understand that a provision of for each zone. More about to die at the top, dress and weapons always after you fix someone acquainted with unstinting with his time off.

Wasteland, is quite a dangerous place. Producers such as previously said, as well as against the, where both the existing standing up against evil regime needs to be. has been resting to frozen, we will no longer be seen in the region, during which many people do not appear in the shares, armed gangs, they started to watch the watch spires enemies remotely. Well, we are new, but over time, as for, or even a real bugs, foot!

Then we can distinguish two major region as Wasteland. The first part of the game, while engaged in the second half is more creatures, you are entering into the work standards of provision with the creatures in the soldiers. We have a regime or worse. Here we also eliminate the. There are many, in fact, our goal throughout the game world as a result of the influence of the wave of radioactive. shock of how people were one of them also work in learning about mutants.

What do job though

Rage is not identical to a typical RPG game of operation. Before we take the task, and then return back to take the protection of personal information. First, we stand for, of course, more as simple tasks. Is perhaps the most throughout the game, you'll encounter the word "If". Because in the case of a mutual interest relationship. To complete the task to task, sometimes need different characters in the territories. They also help you to.

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